In 2002 Mid Coast Fire Brigade instituted the Knox Lock Program for our response area. As you can well imagine trying to keep track of the numerous combinations of gates, which have a tendency to get changed occasionally without notification to the Brigade, we needed to come up with a secure better way to access gates and save valuable time trying to find someone who knows the combination. Someone said, well just cut the locks or chains. That sounds great, except then the lock or chain remains unlocked until someone can fix or replace it and we must leave leaving the property unsecured. The Knox Lock Program was the perfect answer. The Knox Company has been in business for over 50 years providing fire departments and their citizens with rapid access and high security. In order to obtain a lock from the company you must first have a signed authorization from the Chief. The lock is then mailed to you in the locked position. In order to install the lock you must contact the Brigade who will then open and install the lock for you. The keys are kept in combination boxes on the fire engines with combinations that can and will be changed each time a Brigade member leaves the Brigade to maintain high security. Keys are only obtainable by the Fire Chief through the company and cannot be duplicated, as they are unique and are five sided cut keys. Departments throughout Monterey County and the State Of California use this system and each department has a unique key. This means extra security for you, as someone from a neighboring department cannot use their key to access any gate in the Mid Coast area. Currently the program is voluntary however the California Department of Forestry And Fire Protection (CDF) that approves plans for new construction or additions will be requiring the Knox Lock on all gates leading to your property. CDF will not have keys to access any of the locks in the Mid Coast area to assure your privacy. Locks can be obtained in padlock format, installed for electric gates or boxes that can be mounted on a post on or adjacent to the fence. We have already installed several of these locks in our area and look forward to the day that they will be on all gates. For more information regarding this program you can contact the Chief at the Brigade phone number.

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