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I had an opportunity to read a newsletter that was written over 15 years ago by Brigade members. The message was the same as the message that I would like to send out to you now. Please send yearly donations. Without your donations the Fire Brigade cannot exist. We currently receive $28,000 dollars a year from Proposition 172 funds. The County is itself having financial difficulties and is asking that all fire departments take a cut in their current funding amounts and may take all funds that they are currently awarding away. This could be potentially devastating to our small Fire Brigade.

Currently the Brigade is paying $12,000 a year for Workers Compensation Insurance and we anticipate these rates to continue to increase. We must also carry liability insurance on all our fire apparatus at a cost of $6,000 per year. This is liability only as all apparatus are over 30 years old and to carry compensation and collision would triple our current costs. Next we must carry liability insurance on our property at a cost of $2,000 per year. We have to carry Course Of Construction Insurance at a cost of approximately $3,000 per year for a total cost of yearly mandatory expenses of $23,000. These figures do not include maintenance on the equipment, which generally runs $5,000 per year (due in part to the age of the vehicles and in part to the harsh weather conditions as the apparatus is stored outside), fuel for the apparatus $1,000 per year, medical supplies $1,000 per year, equipment replacement such as radios, protective clothing for the firefighters, lost or damaged equipment on calls generally $5,000 per year nor does this cover training expenses or allow saving any money for the fire station. Residents in non-rural areas pay taxes for fire protection, fire departments as small as ours work with budgets well over a million a year.

When Doctor and Virginia Mudd passed away the Brigade lost it's biggest supporters, I am sure many of you are unaware that when the Brigade really needed something, Doctor Mudd wrote the check including paying for fuel for all the Fire Apparatus. We beg you to donate yearly to the Fire Brigade to continue to have the services available to you that you have become accustomed to having. We have an estimated 469 residences in our area and currently receive donations from only 70 families. We would like to suggest a yearly donation amount of $200.00 per family, which works out to $16.67 per month. If you cannot afford $200.00 please do not let that stop you from donating, any amount will definitely help to continue to assure that this community has life and fire protection.

Donations can be sent to: Mid Coast Fire Brigade, Palo Colorado Road, Carmel, CA 93923.

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